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Origin of Blood
danluffey wrote in strawberryso
As of August, Strawberry Song Orchestra's 3rd studio album (2nd musical album), "Origin of Blood," has been released! It's really amazing, I've been listening to it non-stop...

The tracklist is:

1. 電波大放送~怪人 赤マントの犯罪~
1. Poison Wave Broadcast  ~ The Crime of Crimson Cloak~
2. 狂れた埋葬虫、電波、赤マント!
2. The Mad Carrion Beetles, Radio Waves, Crimson Cloak!
3. 非傀儡宣言
3. Anti-Puppetry Proclamation
4. 大空を失った男
4. The Man Who Lost the Great Sky
5. 噂のフォークロア
5. The Rumored Folklore
6. 木偶の縫子
6. The Sewing Girl's Wooden Doll
7. 青い花
7. Blue Flower
8. 最後の審判
8. The Final Judgment
9. 新月に君に想う
9. I Think Of You in the New Moon
10. 鏡町葬送曲
10. Mirror Town Funeral Dirge
11. ジクムント
11. Jikumunto
12. 胞衣の劇場
12. The Placenta Stage
13. 血の軌跡が故の慟哭
13. Wailing For the Locus of Blood

Here's the amazon page. You can watch "Saigo no Shinpan/The Final Judgment" in the video links below.


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