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danluffey wrote in strawberryso
Introduction to the band from their official pamphlet: 

The Punk Freakshow Troupe
Strawberry Song Orchestra

Troupe Leader - Miyaaku Sensha (Vocals)
Tsukikage Mika (Vocals)
Fumita Kokuu (Drums)
Kirihira Ranse (Bass)
Morita Tetsudou (Guitar)
Takahashi Hideo (Keyboard)
Toki Utamo (Actor)
Amou Chiyako (Actress)
Kotobuki Souya (Actor)
Kadowaki Montblanc (Actor)
Dan Minako (Actress)
Yoshie (Actress)
Yayoi Yuriko (Actress)
Kiriko (Actress)


With every passing day, modern society descends further and further into the depths of decay and corruption, and the sadness of the human race transforms into a symphony of anger. In order to valiantly pulverize our so-called daily lives, which have mutated into a virtual theater of absurdity, Miyaaku Sensha has raised the flag of the Punk Freakshow Troupe: Strawberry Song Orchestra. SSO is now presenting their dark theatrics interspersed with rock, modern and improvisational music all across Japan -- whether it be in concert halls, theaters, or even sometimes on city streets in guerilla performances.


Adoring the work of authors Terayama Shuuji and Edogawa Rampo from a very young age, troupe leader Miyaaku Sensha has painted a world that explores the theme of "reality and fiction" while utilizing the depth and profundity of the Japanese language. Indeed, this world he has created, which may seem to be pure fabrication at first glance, is actually the very antithesis of modern society itself.

The music of SSO is uncanny, combining elements from a variety of musical styles such as punk, hard rock, heavy metal, progressive rock, folk, and nursery rhymes, as well as contrasting the differing singing styles of Miyaaku and Tsukikage. In addition to the traditional band format (nicknamed the punk group), SSO also metamorphosizes into a myriad of different forms, such as an all-acoustic group, a theatre troupe, and a baseball club, keeping their performances fresh and cutting-edge. Additionally, they put on at least two independently-planned events per year.


1998 : Strawberry Song Orchestra is formed.

1999 : SSO begins performing concerts in Osaka and Tokyo.

2003 : SSO's first independently-planned event opens.

2004 : Their first album, "Kagamimachi ni te" (In the Town of Mirrors) [DOKUCD-001] is sold from their independent label, Dokudenpasha (Poison Radio Waves Hut), and the band is included on the Kameari Records compilation "Choushigeki Entertainment 3."

2005 : A split album featuring Strawberry Song Orchestra and Satanyanko entitled "Strawberry Song Orchestra and the Demonic Cat" (DOKUCD-002) is sold all over Japan. *The jacket illustration was done by horror comic artist Inuki Kanako, with additional comments by the disabled public speaker, Torihada Minoru.

2005.5 : Performance at the 70th birthday anniversary celebration of Terayama Shuuji held in Osaka (also included as a guest as the ex-Tenjou Sajiki actor Shouwa Seigo).

2005.7 : Members from the first period of SSO graduate.

2005.12 : The first performance featuring the troupe's new members, presenting Edogawa Rampo's "Hakuchuumu" (A White Afternoon Dream) in Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Kobe.

2006 : A drama featuring video footage entitled "A Tale of Fantasized Love" is performed in Osaka and Tokyo.

2006.6 : Tour commemorating the release of the "Hakuchuumu" DVD, scheduled to go on sale in the end of July.

2006.7 : The DVD "Hakuchuumu" (DOKUDVD-001) is sold in record stores all over Japan.

Following 2007, performances continued with various one-man tours and DVD releases.


In February and August, an event entitled "Everyday Transformed into Hell" is performed together with Inugami Circus Dan in Osaka and Nagoya.

In May, together with ex-Tenjou Sajiki actor Shouwa Seigo

In September, the drama CD "A Tale of Fantasized Love" was released.

In November, a two-man performance with the theatre troupe Rakuichi Rakuza was held in Osaka.

A prize-winning SSO music video also became available for viewing on the IkaTen WEB2008 site, which can accessed at


Showa Seigo, Panta, Endou Michirou, Torihada Minoru, Shine Shine Dan, Inugami Circus Dan, Guruguru Eigakan, Haha Lemon, Oboreta Ebi no Kenshi Houkokusho, Simone Fukayuki, Mowmow Lulu Gyaban, Avantgarde, Mushakusha, Aural Vampire, Machilitt, Anti-Feminism, Jubilee, QP Crazy, M, and many others.

2009.8: The band's first full album in five years, "Origin of Blood" goes on sale!!


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